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The Helix boys achieve something more often than most other porn studios – threesomes that are dripping with passion and heat. With Helix’s power bottom, Tyler Hill (putting that bubble butt to perfect use), super versatile Jessie Montgomery (is it just me, or is this twink getting hotter as the years go by?) and big dicked, long lasting top Kody Knight, What About Your Roommate is a damn fine scene.

There’s chemistry here, the boys really do connect and work together well. There’s little in the performance of any of them that you’d consider contrived or forced, they just work together really well.

Tyler is the perfect bottom in this scene, taking Jessie’s and Kody’s cock eagerly (staying open just the right amount at a key point – hot!), Kody takes the lead top role and fucks both boys with the relentless and steady deep dicking technique he’s great at. Jessie is the star this time around, with amazing technique as the filling in the sandwich; sliding backwards along the length of Kody’s hard shaft, followed by a delicious view of his thick, meaty member slipping back in to Tyler’s ass. The momentum and shot is awesome.

What About Your Roommate | Helix Studios | Jessie Montgomery, Kody Knight & Tyler Hill

If you live with a room-mate, you've probably memorized his daily schedule. You know exactly what times he’ll be gone, giving you free reign of the apartment to do whatever you want, and make as much noise as you want with whomever you want. Not expecting his room-mate Kody to return for a few more hours, Jessie invites Tyler over for a midday hookup. The horny boys strip down to nothing but perfect bodies, not even bothering to close the bedroom door. But today, Kody comes home early to find Tyler working his warm mouth over Jessie’s big, hard dick, and he’s way too turned on to be angry. Instead, Kody starts stoking his own big cock. Once Jessie notices his room-mate standing in the doorway, jerking off to the sight of his dick stuffed between Tyler’s perfectly round ass cheeks, he invites Kody to join, and this party of two grows into a full-scale three-way.

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Once again, Helix have managed to continue their improving trend with regards to the quality of filming. There's no jarring breaks due to editing and they've focused on the best parts of the action at the right time.


The Guys - 10
The Sex - 10
Cumshots - 9
Video Quality - 10

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