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Matt Klein’s upper body control is phenomenal. That boy can control a hula hoop and swing his hips in a way that Helix have just failed to make use of. That isn’t to say this is a bad scene, far from it.


I enjoy a scene so much more when the models come across as sweet and lovable – exactly as they do here. Especially Matt Klein! As he takes Blake’s huge dick, the look of intense pleasure on his face is groin tingling. He’s sexy to start with, but becomes outright gorgeous as Blake hits the spot over and over again. The boys are genuinely horny in That Feels Big, you can sense the attraction and lust as the boys show that youthful passion young twinks have in spades.


For a short while, Helix have been finishing [most] scenes with cumshots across the puckered bottoms ass and Blake delivers big here; hot, sexy and delicious!

That Feels Big | Helix Studios | Blake Mitchell & Matt Klein

Everybody has a hidden talent. For Matt Klein, it’s hula hooping. As in: he practices it daily, and he’s damn good at it. Today at the park, Matt is attempting to teach Blake how to hula hoop like a pro, with limited success. Although Blake doesn’t quite pick up the motion, he has a huge hidden talent of his own for which Matt’s skilled hip thrusting will soon come in handy. Back in the bedroom, Matt pulls out Blake’s enormous, hard cock and stretches his warm mouth around its full size. Matt can’t wait to get that big dick inside him and show off the full range of his talents.

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The Guys - 9
The Sex - 8.5
Cumshots - 9
Video Quality - 9.5

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