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Lucky Taylor and Daren Hecker | BadPuppy

When cute and cuddly Daren found out that his friend Lucky did porn, he became interested and did a solo video. Not long after, they talked and decided they would love to do a video together. In this action video, our two young studs slowly undress each other, kissing and tonguing each other’s bodies. Lucky gets an eyeful of Daren’s enormous cock and apparently gives him quite the blow-job as Daren’s cock is incredibly hard and erect. After a little face fucking Lucky stands up to let Daren work over his cock until Lucky decides he wants to face fuck Daren while shoving his fingers up his own ass. Daren slides down on the bed so that Lucky can spread his asshole directly over Daren’s mouth; which Daren willingly fills with his tongue and fingers. From the moaning; you can tell that Lucky wants something a lot bigger than a tongue and a finger up his bum. Daren; of course, is ready to accommodate and he plunges his thick, hard cock deep into Lucky’s asshole. All of this excitement has Daren and Lucky switching positions. Lucky starts licking and tonguing Daren’s hot ass before he buries his thick piece of meat deep into Daren’s willing hole until Daren squirts a load of jizz all over his stomach. Lucky pulls out and he shoots thick streams of jizz all over Daren’s cock and balls. Truly a hot scene and it started me thinking, if you could see these two studs with a third guy, who would that guy be? Let us know.

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