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Lorenc and Petr | BadPuppy | Lorenc Byro and Petr Courek

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Lorenc and Petr | Video Preview

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Lorenc Byro and Petr Courek | Photo Set

Lorenc and Petr | BadPuppy | Lorenc Byro and Petr Courek

Petr Courek was sleeping on the bed when Lorenc Byro walked in, came over to the bed and placed a kiss directly on Petr’s lips. Petr awoke to find Lorenc staring deep into his eyes and he knew immediately that Lorenc was in the mood to play. Our young studs start off with some passionate kissing; but, that soon progresses to Lorenc helping Petr slide around on the bed allowing Lorenc to kneel beside Petr. Lorenc discovers that Petr has a large rip in his jeans and ironically, wearing no underwear and Petr’s already erect cock springs free from the jeans; Lorenc swallows it whole. Petr grabs Lorenc’s hands, stands him up on the bed, yanks off his jeans and begins sucking Lorenc’s cock like he will never get to suck another one. These two studs heat up very quickly and after each stud give each other a blow job they jump on top of each other for a sixty-nine session that is definitely getting Petr primed for Lorenc’s thick cock. Pulling his legs back, Petr exposes his sweet asshole and Lorenc goes in with his fingers and tongue prepping Petr’s ass for the penetration that’s about to happen. Lorenc spits on his cock and Petr’s hole and slowly he pushes his bare cock deep inside Petr’s waiting hole. Three hot and steamy positions later, Lorenc is still pounding Petr like a maniac and Petr has his cock in one hand stroking feverishly. As Lorenc continues to pound Petr can’t hold it anymore squirts his thick load of jizz all over his hand and cock. All this stimulation sends Lorenc over the edge. He pulls out just in time to squirt his load all over Petr’s chest and when he’s finished; Petr is more than happy to lick the remaining drops of sweet jizz off of Lorenc’s cock.

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