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Crafty Troy Ryan lures Bastian Hart over to his dorm room by asking for help with his studies. There’s no point in keeping up the ruse once he arrives and Troy goes straight in for the kiss. There’s something about Troy, especially after this scene, that is unbelievably hot.Troy-Ryan-and-Bastian-Hart-015

Mostly, younger guys biggest asset is the youthful verve and enthusiasm, and whilst Troy has all of this in spades, there’s much more. There’s a considered and measured approach, Troy really does bring the right measure of masculinity to the scene. He really does care about what he does for his bottom (Bastian) and reads everything perfectly.

When considered along with that beautiful cock, Troy Ryan has become my favourite twink. He’s that twink that anyone would be happy to bottom for, knowing that he’ll use that huge cock to bring you to climax before he lets himself cum.


The only disappointing part of this scene is wasted opportunity. Troy shoots an amazing load, many powerful shots that splash back out of Bastian’s mouth, off his cheek or up into his eye. The wasted opportunity? Bastian spits it out – what the fuck is that about?

Let’s Get Physical | Helix Studios | Bastian Hart & Troy Ryan

Troy invites Bastian to his dorm room under the pretense of needing help with his Physics homework. But when the big booty boy arrives, Troy reveals his true intentions, along with his thick, hard and ready cock.

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The Guys - 8.5
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