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Whilst the ambitious dialogue causes a few stumbles, I’m actually enjoying the story in this hot Men.com series.

Instead of students, we’re focussed on staff this time around. Theo Ford and Jay Roberts put on an amazing show, It’s really good to see Jay back at Men.com as he really suits the studios work. Theo and Jay work really to put on a show here, the action is a great mix of passion and pure lust, with pace changes and some really hot balls deep ass pounding.

Ivy League Pt.2 014

Theo is up there as one of the sexiest guys on Men.com; I’m not sure when (he’d only recently split with Logan Moore a very short while ago), but he’s now married and boy is his new husband lucky – a sentiment many of you will share when you see the amazing action of those hips! Congrats to the lucky couple and I’m sure that many of Theo’s adoring fans are torn between being happy and jealous.

Ivy League Part 2 | Men.com | Theo Ford & Jay Roberts

Theo Ford doesn't like the way his boyfriend Jay Roberts is being treated at the University, so he decides to show him his true worth. The two passionately suck each other’s dicks before Jay tells Theo to fuck him over the desk. Jay screams as Theo slams his ass hard, doggy-style. Jay demands Theo go even harder as Theo wraps his hand around Jay’s thick cock and pummels his eager hole to Jay's delight.

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