In My Dreams | | Dani Demon & Paddy O’Brian Review

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Wow, these are two fine Brits!

The introduction to this scene is great; no poor acting or redundant attempts at story. When there is no (or limited) story to the plot of a scene, it’s better to jump straight in. Here, have decided to forego the ridiculous and jump straight to the guys. The music in the background has some lyrical explanation that works brilliantly.


Dani Demon and Paddy O’Brian live up to the studio’s name, “God’s of Men”. Their bodies to amazingly toned, Paddy O’Brian especially so. A sort of semi-fetish for me is hands, and this guys hands are perfect; manly and powerful and so damn sensual.

Straight guys in porn is hot in its own way (except for the gay-for-pay but obviously deeply homophobic guys, my god, go do something you enjoy)! These guys LOVE cock, it’s a little frustrating actually as it managed that rare trick of making you want to be there. Both guys are great, though again, Paddy was the stand out guy with A-Grade sucking and rimming skills. Then for the anal, these cocks are stunning, rock solid and perfectly sized and shaped. Paddy pounds Dani’s ass as though his life depends on it, the rhythm and pace is great. I got lustful with the position changes, the temporary withdrawal for a passionate kiss and then when the action resumed it was all out.


Dani climax’s first, all 7″ of rock solid meat twitching and jerking with every squirt. Paddy’s is also hot, but to be perfect he’d have shot his load all over Dani’s cock, though just to the side was good enough.

In My Dreams | | Dani Demon & Paddy O’Brian

"In My Dreams" is an intensely passionate sex story featuring Paddy O'Brian & Dani Demon. The action is satisfying as Paddy pounds Dani's tight ass with sensual vigor.

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Two truly phenomenal guys in a passionate yet hard fuck!


The Guys - 9
The Sex - 9
Cumshot - 8
Video Quality - 10

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