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Dealing with a break up, Matthew Keading is spending the day with Jamie Sanders to help get his mind off things. Obviously, it doesn’t take long for the situation to change and the boys to find other ways to occupy themselves.

Things start passionately, with amazing kissing and Jamie sensuously sucking Matthew’s cock. Matthew returns the favour, flipping Jamie over and bringing that gorgeous bubble butt up for an amazing rimming that has him groaning in pure ecstasy.


Not to be outdone, Matthew has an ingenious idea for a position that I’ve never seen before. If for no other reason, you must watch to learn this position alone – in the interest of honesty, shortly after watching the movie, I took my boyfriend aside and rode him exactly like this. OMG, two hours later, I can still feel his cock! It has never penetrated me so deep, nor hit the spot so well before (and I definitely have nothing to complain about in general).


Back to the scene, whilst the position is amazing, Jamie’s cock stays soft throughout the ride, something that always takes a little away from the connection for me. Moving on to a more traditional position soon sees Jamie’s cock rise up in response to the deep and hard fuck, just before another position change that brings the guys up to their climax. Whilst I know bareback is not for everyone, the reasons for which are justifiable, bareback scenes always get my blood pumping faster and hotter than their safe sex equivalents. The cumshot here is a great one, Matthew shoots his big load over Jamie’s twitching hole, with streams running down his balls before sliding right back in, pushing a good portion of that sticky goodness right inside. That’s enough for Jamie who arches back to shoot his load all over the sofa whilst Matthews cum covered cock is still inside.

Getting Over Him | Helix Studios | Jamie Sanders & Matthew Keading

Matthew Keading is dealing with a break up by hanging out with BFF Jamie Sanders. The outing takes an interesting turn when Matthew and Jamie decide to take their friendship to the next level after getting cozy during a scary movie. Jamie suggests an interesting position that you will just have to see to believe.

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Amazing. These guys are true pro's and give us an astounding show.


The Guys - 8
The Sex - 10
Cumshots - 10
Video Quality - 9

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