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I’m not exaggerating – Lucas Knight’s cumshot left me open-mouthed and wide-eyed!

Beyond the usual office set-up, this scene is amazing. There seem to be more and more office themed scenes flooding the market, which honestly had me approaching this scene with some antipathy. It’s starting to get a little overdone at the moment. on the plus side, we’ve got Kyle Ross and Lucas Knight (well versed but new to Helix), so let’s give it a go.


Oh my god, the sex here is stellar. No bullshit, no over reliance on switching and pausing – just pure, raw sex! Whilst Helix’s editing is usually top-notch, in Executive Order, they’re spot on. When you see how Lucas fucks Kyle’s ass, with so much fervour and unrelenting, rhythmic perfection, you really wish you were the one on the receiving end. With a total of three positions, the majority of time is spent with Lucas in control, pounding away at that ass in a way only the best power bottoms could take. That cock is 9.5″ long and damn thick, with amazing low hanging balls that add to the awesomeness of this pounding. They swing, a lot, banging in to Kyle’s equally hot balls in a hypnotic dance that I couldn’t draw my eyes away from.


The pounding bring Kyle to the brink – one he can’t quite fully control as some cum escapes even though you see this pro trying to pull back. Shortly after, Kyle has to surrender to a hot hands free climax which is completely overshadowed by what comes next. Lucas’ cumshot is, without doubt, one of the hottest things I’ve seen in a long time. If I hadn’t been impressed with (and jealous of) how he fucked Kyle, that cumshot would have been enough to convince me that this guy should be in my top 3 performers list. I’ve re-watched that cumshot 7 times, I’ve had to stop myself from doing so more because I’m becoming infatuated.

Executive Order | Helix Studios | Kyle Ross & Lucas Knight

Here at Helix Studios we’re not big on hyperbole and prefer to reserve the "big talk" for occasions that truly warrant it. That said what you are about to witness is one of the greatest cumshots we’ve ever seen. After being thoroughly plugged and pounded by Lucas Knight’s massive beer can cock, famed power bottom Kyle Ross can hold out no longer and busts a hands-free load across his own stomach. Then Lucas pulls out and absolutely drenches Kyle from his face down to abs in what can only be described as a tsunami of cum. We’re still recovering.

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So many of us stick with free content, be we truly miss out on most of the best parts by doing so. This scene is amazing, the fucking of Kyles ass cannot be valued from pictures or short clips, and you will miss the hottest cumshot of the year (at the very least) if you do not go and watch this scene in full.


The Guys - 10
The Sex - 10
Cumshots - 10
Video Quality - 10

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