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Another themed scene from, this time ‘Grease’. Joey Rico plays the bad boy in a leather jacket whilst Johnny Rapid a ‘Jock’ – though with him wearing a cardigan instead of jacket he comes across a little preppy instead, which is no bad thing.

Behind the Bleachers 014

Quickly moving to a toilet, Joey devours Johnny’s cock eagerly and it doesn’t take long for the table to turn. Joey’s package is phenomenal, a beautiful example of a perfect, uncut cock. Johnny definitely enjoys the experience, it’s great to see him back after a few months away. The guys work through a few positions (showing their skills) and finish off with hot cum-shots including a delicious self-facial from Johnny.

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  • Nice change of theme.
  • Hot cum-facial.


  • Nothing bad here!


Another hot, themed scene from that's well worth a watch.


The Guys - 9.5
The Sex - 8.5
Video Quality - 10
Cumshot - 9

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