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Antony Lorca

BelAmi: "The story of Antony Lorca would be a fairly long and complicated one to tell here. There are not too many boys where I would be prepared to wait for 3 years to start releasing their material, but Antony is one of them.  When he first came to us he was tall, but still with a bit of baby fat in his face and 1 front tooth a couple shades darker than the others.  By now he has graduated from university and became quite an athletic hunk.  Any material you get with him will vary depending on when it was shot and you will need to exercise some patience here as we won’t necessarily be releasing it in the order it was filmed. In any case, from early responses it looks that you will enjoy him a lot.  Antony is currently part of our ‘Musketeer’ team and is at this moment involved in filming the new reality series."

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